This is our cake section.  We make cakes for our children and occasionally for friends.  Not professional at all (as you can see from the decorating itself).  I hope you enjoy them.  Yes yes, we realize spending a couple weeks on a cake is a waste of time, but it's fun.

Hannah's Stranger Things Cake (2017)

Hannah's Mario Kart Cake (2016)

Hannah's Harry Potter Quidditch Cake (2015)

Mark's Cars Cake (2015)

Hannah's Despicable Me Cake (2013)

David's Squidward Cake (Spongebob) (2013)

Sydney's Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Cake (10th - 2012)

Hannah's Nightmare Before Christmas Cake (8th - 2012)

Sydney's Pirates of the Caribbean Cake (9th - 2012)

Hannah's Monkey Cake (7th - 2011)

Sydney's Fantasy Cake (8th - 2011)

Hannah's Alice in Wonderland Cake (6th - 2010)

Sydney's Animal Cake (7th - 2010)

Hannah's Peter Pan Cake (5th - 2009)

Marissa's Baby Shower Cake (2009)

Sydney's Dragon Cake (6th - 2009)

Hannah's Super Mario Galaxy Cake (4th - 2008)

Sydney's Dino Cake (5th- 2008)

Hannah's Elmo Cake (3rd - 2007)

Jacob's Halo Cake (11th - 2007)

Peyton's Strawberry Shortcake Cake (4th - 2007)

Sydney's Fairy Cake (4th - 2007)

Hannah's Halloween Cake  (2nd - 2006)

Sydney's Dora the Explorer Birthday  (3rd - 2006)

Hannah's Bug Factory Birthday  (1st - 2005)

Marty and Kathy's Beach Anniversary  (25th - 2005)

Sydney's Little Mermaid Birthday (2nd - 2005)

Gaby's Rainbow and Flower Birthday (4th - 2004)

Britney's Wheel of Fortune Birthday (31st - 2004)

Jayne's Elmo Birthday (2nd - 2004)

Sydney's Lady Bug Birthday (1st - 2004)

Philadelphia's Underwater Birthday

Gaby's Bugs and Flowers Birthday (1st)



Q:  OMG, how can you cut into that?!

A:  Easiest thing ever.  After a couple weeks every night working on it.  I'm sick of it and worrying that something is going to fall off.  Eating that thing is the end.  Yum.


Q:  Are you professionals?

A:  Not even close, we make 2 cakes a year for our daughters.  Maybe 3 if we volunteer for a friend.  Our culinary skills have not improved since we started with this much "practice".


Q:  You know someone would pay a lot of money for a cake like that.

A:  I have yet to be offered "a lot of money" for a cake.


Q:  Why don't you start a cake business?

A:  Honestly, I don't think it would be fun if we did that.


Q:  How much do you charge?

A:  For the cakes we've volunteered, we've only asked to cover the parts.


Q:  Why didn't you do this?  Or that?

A:  I probably wish I did "this or that".  Once we make the plan it's really hard to turn back halfway through and believe me I usually have all kinds of ideas after the fact but if we change the plan we truly won't finish the cake in time.  I have about 849 what ifs after every cake that just drive me crazy but that's just how it is.


Q:  How long does a cake take?

A:  We usually think about it for a couple nights 2 weeks ahead of time.  Then start working, so generally a week and a half of structure and animation.  We always do the "cake" portion the night before which seems to take us until 4 am regardless.


Q:  How much money do you put into each cake?

A:  No idea, don't want to know really.  I order all kinds of what if type of stuff along with what I know I'll use for every cake so what I spend is never what it really costs.  That's ok though because it will come in handy some day.


Q:  What recipe do you use?

A:  Box cakes!


Q:  What kind of frosting do you use?

A:  Canned, Betty Crocker I believe it is.  We'd like to start using buttercream some day since it sets up to a nice hard crust and is much easier to use.  We just don't like the taste so we stick with the bought stuff.


Q:  What do you do with them when you're done?

A:  Trash'em.  I have no desire to do the same cake twice.  If I have to do the same theme again I'd prefer to improve or make a whole new design.



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